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    Jailbreak Rules Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions

    Agree some words can be added to less broaden the rule I still think the first part is fine, second part can be fixed and made in place for certain games. First part yes I can agree and will discuss with fred and discuss the other points. First part if we deem something needs to be added we...
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    Jailbreak Rules Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions

    HE and Molotov's wont be considered contraband but using them will be rebelling Freeshoot/throw is there so ct aren't just randomly shooting stuff for no reason Baiting its pretty straight forward Gun planting its worded pretty straight forward and picking up map weapons isn't gun planting so...
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    Jailbreak Rules Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions

    I See no need to change this as warden can restrict jumping at his convenience I agree with @Damien on this where there is some examples of warden being to strict. When a warden calls afk freeze and a t dies to moving even a little wouldn't be part of being strict as your command was to not...
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