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  1. Won't happen for a long time.
  2. Lmao you are such a clown. We don't censor what people say on our servers (to an extent) as that is counterproductive and leads to more problems then it's solved. Our discord & forums are completely separated. I don't think its hypocritical to show support for our members & staff who are LGBTQ+, if anything I think it's rather pathetic that you of all people decided to post about this on our forums as you are and have been literally one of our most problematic & toxic players. Grow up.
  3. you are literally banned and nobody cares. quit acting like you mean something here
  4. Global: - Fixed bans + mutes db connection dropping if someone with unicode names is punished - Added a new 1v1 Arena server with 91 maps and numerous fun to play rounds 24/7 Utopia, Kitsune, Rookie, & Summer: - Reset checkpoints to help server load Beginner Surf: - Lots of fixes from below, too lazy to figure out whats on beginner surf too - Reset times for better quality control going forward - Changed AA to 400 - Changed update rate to 85.3 - Replaced surf_holiday with surf_holiday_fix - Replaced surf_ninja_sh with surf_ninja_go_b5_fn Easy Surf: - Reset
  5. I don't really feel like writing some huge announcement so I'm just gonna TLDR the changes: The Yuno Gasai discord bot has been updated to 1.0-beta and is almost ready for public release. The biggest changes being a profile system, role reactions, overhauled punishments, marry and divorce command fixes, 50+ new commands, and 10 new trivia topics. Full changelog in our discord. Easy & Beginner surf were also reset, and received many updates, primarily being 400 air accel, new maps, better zones, numerous bug fixes, and more support indefinitely. 1v1 Arena has also been released,
  6. Post your MyAnimeList (MAL) accounts below so people can see what you've watched! Mine is: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Damien111
  7. Locked at the request of @chase.
  8. welcome back bud, glad to see you around ps, after 1v1 we will probably be attempting JB again as we have the community backing to build a decent server now, though I have no ETA on that
  9. Hey guys, thought I might make one of my rare forum announcements and go over some of the new and exciting things our community has released and will be doing this year. This will be a rather lengthy wall of text so I am apologizing beforehand, hopefully our announcements get better in the future. Firstly, as you can obviously see we have a completely overhauled website! Originally we used Xenforo as our backend, but late last year I was exposed to a different (and albeit superior) forum software that I instantly fell in love with. This, coupled with the fact that one of our original manage
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