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  1. this is gonna be like the brawl event where the two people who spend all their time on the game (you and erik) will win competition is not the way when we don't have enough people to form different bracket tiers, or at least, competition with prizes
  2. 20$ a month for hosting and you can have it
  3. Damien the type guy to ban you from the forums and discord for being a creep (psa sexually harassing egirls is cringe)
  4. maybe if you weren't such a creepy little weirdo I'd let you come back
  5. Well you won't find it in our community
  6. you've changed

  7. Damien


    Nobody cares. Go duo with Charlie D'amelio again and stop bugging us.
  8. why are u so toxic u fucking pepe panty sniffer
  9. I've read the manga, just wait for part 2, it'll be a lot more entertaining.
  10. subjectively its attack on titan, but I got a huge soft spot for future diary
  11. Sorry about that :)
  12. @ NotHomerSimpsonn You were banned for slandering my name and insinuating that I am a pedophile. I don't really take kindly to people accusing me of something as disgusting as that. Pedophilia is vile and should be treated with the death penalty, and pedophilia accusations can literally ruin peoples lives. Grow up.
  13. formatting is shit ill update & fix it when i can
  14. Within the next few months (eta 2-3 months, 4 max) we will be expanding into numerous games, mainly rust & garry's mod. Please DM me on discord at Damien#0001 to apply. The current positions are as followed: Garry's Mod Div Lead - 18+ & Knowledge of Garry's Mod Servers Garry's Mod TTT Advisor - Knowledge of TTT & Activity in Garry's Mod Garry's Mod Prop Hunt Advisor - Knowledge of Prop Hunt & Activity in Garry's Mod Rust Div Lead - 18+ & Knowledge of Rust Servers Rust Advisor - Knowledge of Rust & Activity in Rust Rust Advisor - Knowledge of Rust & Activity in Rust
  16. I know friends role is a very desired role by a lot of you, so now we are opening up the community to apply for friends role, through power points / google slides. Please post a 15 slide powerpoint as to why you believe you should get the role in this thread and my dms, and i will review it accordingly.
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