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  1. Sorry about that :)
  2. @ NotHomerSimpsonn You were banned for slandering my name and insinuating that I am a pedophile. I don't really take kindly to people accusing me of something as disgusting as that. Pedophilia is vile and should be treated with the death penalty, and pedophilia accusations can literally ruin peoples lives. Grow up.
  3. formatting is shit ill update & fix it when i can
  4. Within the next few months (eta 2-3 months, 4 max) we will be expanding into numerous games, mainly rust & garry's mod. Please DM me on discord at Damien#0001 to apply. The current positions are as followed: Garry's Mod Div Lead - 18+ & Knowledge of Garry's Mod Servers Garry's Mod TTT Advisor - Knowledge of TTT & Activity in Garry's Mod Garry's Mod Prop Hunt Advisor - Knowledge of Prop Hunt & Activity in Garry's Mod Rust Div Lead - 18+ & Knowledge of Rust Servers Rust Advisor - Knowledge of Rust & Activity in Rust Rust Advisor - Knowledge of Rust & Activity in Rust
  6. I know friends role is a very desired role by a lot of you, so now we are opening up the community to apply for friends role, through power points / google slides. Please post a 15 slide powerpoint as to why you believe you should get the role in this thread and my dms, and i will review it accordingly.
  7. Won't happen for a long time.
  8. Lmao you are such a clown. We don't censor what people say on our servers (to an extent) as that is counterproductive and leads to more problems then it's solved. Our discord & forums are completely separated. I don't think its hypocritical to show support for our members & staff who are LGBTQ+, if anything I think it's rather pathetic that you of all people decided to post about this on our forums as you are and have been literally one of our most problematic & toxic players. Grow up.
  9. you are literally banned and nobody cares. quit acting like you mean something here
  10. Global: - Fixed bans + mutes db connection dropping if someone with unicode names is punished - Added a new 1v1 Arena server with 91 maps and numerous fun to play rounds 24/7 Utopia, Kitsune, Rookie, & Summer: - Reset checkpoints to help server load Beginner Surf: - Lots of fixes from below, too lazy to figure out whats on beginner surf too - Reset times for better quality control going forward - Changed AA to 400 - Changed update rate to 85.3 - Replaced surf_holiday with surf_holiday_fix - Replaced surf_ninja_sh with surf_ninja_go_b5_fn Easy Surf: - Reset times for better quality control going forward - Changed AA to 400 - Changed update rate to 85.3 - Removed surf_4head_csgo - Removed surf_amplitude_apex - Removed surf_amplitude_light - Removed surf_and_destroy_fix - Removed surf_annoyance_njv - Removed surf_boring - Removed surf_crzyfrog_reloaded_fix - Removed surf_dragon - Removed surf_funhouse_njv - Removed surf_funhouse2 - Removed surf_kz_protraining - Removed surf_lavaflow - Removed surf_life_of_doc - Removed surf_mesa_mine - Removed surf_paddy - Removed surf_paradise - Removed surf_prime_time_r3vamp - Removed surf_psycho - Removed surf_toot - Removed surf_unknown - Removed surf_wew - Fixed surf_me's bonus problems - Fixed surf_mesa_revo's two possible exploits - Fixed surf_fade's zones being weird - Fixed surf_minuet_v1p sending you to jail on failure - Fixed surf_water-run_b5 not resetting you - Fixed surf_egypt2 bonus skip - Fixed surf_garden_go bonus 2 exploit - Fixed surf_sanding_ksf start zone - Fixed surf_zor bonus - Fixed surf_not_so_sinister's tier - Fixed surf_sanding stage 6 - Fixed surf_elites_v2 not respawning you on fail - Fixed surf_hotwheels respawning you in a box on fail - Fixed surf_rebel_scaz_njv having a boost - Fixed surf_rebel_scaz_njv having two glass panels that need to be broken - Fixed surf_mesa_fix having music - Fixed surf_life_of_duck_go's duck sounds - Fixed surf_ameliorate Bonus 1 - Fixed surf_squirrelsonvacation start boost - Fixed surf_utopia_njv start boost - Fixed surf_kitsune_fix start boost - Fixed surf_neon_beta start boost - Fixed surf_whiteout bonus 2 double boost - Fixed surf_classics not working - Fixed surf_classics2 not working - Added surf_trump_usa bonus - Added surf_happyhands_test bonus 1 & 2 - Replaced surf_holiday with surf_holiday_fix - Set surf_andromeda's max velocity to 4000 - Set surf_flow's max velocity to 5000 - Cleaned up maps folder on the server - Added surf_8bit - Added surf_arcade - Added surf_autism_2 - Added surf_bluewall - Added surf_boreas - Added surf_crownroyal - Added surf_delusional - Added surf_fusubi - Added surf_gekyume_circumcision - Added surf_greensway - Added surf_het - Added surf_hourglass - Added surf_interference_fn - Added surf_meridional - Added surf_nova - Added surf_opus_fn - Added surf_premium - Added surf_ravine_go - Added surf_road_to_hell - Added surf_roomservice_2 - Added surf_scorch_go - Added surf_si_fa - Added surf_stonks - Added surf_tendies - Added surf_tranquility - Added surf_windrunner_final 1v1 Arena: - Disabled the multi1v1 ranking system - Added a better ranking system that is based upon the CS:GO elo system and uses CS:GO ranks (which most 1v1 servers use) - Removed am_minecraftfix as it was causing the server to crash - Added kill replays using GOTV - Added challenges - Fixed staff tags not working - Reduced timelimit from 25 minutes to 20 - Fixed !ws - Removed team win/lose point loss/gain
  11. I don't really feel like writing some huge announcement so I'm just gonna TLDR the changes: The Yuno Gasai discord bot has been updated to 1.0-beta and is almost ready for public release. The biggest changes being a profile system, role reactions, overhauled punishments, marry and divorce command fixes, 50+ new commands, and 10 new trivia topics. Full changelog in our discord. Easy & Beginner surf were also reset, and received many updates, primarily being 400 air accel, new maps, better zones, numerous bug fixes, and more support indefinitely. 1v1 Arena has also been released, packed with tons of maps & a CS:GO inspired ELO system. Finally, as a lot of people were probably wondering, this update is **not** Community Update 6.0. That update is scheduled as our next one, and consists of FiveM, Minecraft, and VIP perks + release. This is aimed for a Summer release, and should be ready within a few weeks to a month (hopefully). Along with above, we will be investing into a couple other projects including a better fastdl/CDN system, a new box to host medium surf, hard surf, TTT, Jailbreak, and possibly Deathmatch/Retakes (which will end our CS:GO expansions), and more engaging community features, the first of which being our new event board. To shout it out, the first event @nick will be hosting for us is a Brawlhalla 1v1 Tournament. You can read all about it here https://fallen-networks.com/topic/1957-fn-brawlhalla-1v1-tournament/ In preparation for FiveM & Minecraft, you can join the discords for them below in order to prepare for a public release. https://discord.gg/YPRKQhW https://discord.gg/QznbYjQ
  12. Post your MyAnimeList (MAL) accounts below so people can see what you've watched! Mine is: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Damien111
  13. Locked at the request of @chase.
  14. welcome back bud, glad to see you around ps, after 1v1 we will probably be attempting JB again as we have the community backing to build a decent server now, though I have no ETA on that
  15. Hey guys, thought I might make one of my rare forum announcements and go over some of the new and exciting things our community has released and will be doing this year. This will be a rather lengthy wall of text so I am apologizing beforehand, hopefully our announcements get better in the future. Firstly, as you can obviously see we have a completely overhauled website! Originally we used Xenforo as our backend, but late last year I was exposed to a different (and albeit superior) forum software that I instantly fell in love with. This, coupled with the fact that one of our original management members @sam rejoined the team, we decided it was time to push off of clunky Xenforo and move onto something better. I want to make a huge shoutout to @samfor recreating our forum API & LCP panel from scratch to work with invision along with helping setup the new software, as well [email protected] and @Zextrahfor assisting with paying for the software. Some of the huge changes and benefits of IPS will be listed below. - Obviously, a new and improved theme. - A far superior servers page with stats & player data to which you can see here. - Far better styling & profile pages. - Better steam integration to which you can see on your profile. - A far better backend to work with. - Custom Emojis & Better Reactions - And numerous other improvements that I don't feel like listing. One thing I wanted to bring more attention to is the Clubs application for IPS. Clubs are little forum groups you can make if you are a VIP that can be themed around any topic or idea. Every VIP is allowed to make one exclusive club, to which other users can join and receive a stylish forum bar, as well as join a group of individuals catered around a specific hobby or topic. Feel free to check out the clubs page for more information by hovering over the home page and clicking clubs, or by visiting this link. Please keep in mind this forum software is new to us, so many bugs are possibly still present while we iron out the issues and add more content to the website, so look forward to many more patches & additions in the future including: - A better home page with news & other things - Integrated player stats into the forums (playtime, surf ranks, ext) - A better roster - Custom pages to view specific server stats - A custom ShareX Fallen-Networks host - and other small things I think of along the way. Now onto the future part of this announcement: As many of you know, we are hard at work with expansions into other games, but there are also many other fun surprises planned for the next community update. Community Update 6 is next on our list, and while initially I wanted to release everything at once, we have since decided that we will release these updates as they are ready in the order they are listed below. Community Update 6 will consist of the following: - CS:GO Beginner & Easy Surf receiving an overhaul, with better zones & a higher air acceleration value to make the server quite a bit more enjoyable to play. - Numerous CS:GO Bug Fixes & Suggestions being fixed/added - A CS:GO 1v1 Arena server - A CS:GO 24/7 Surf Mesa Server - A FiveM Gang RP server - VIP/Nitro Booster Perks & Release - Our partner community Mazora's release Finally, I wanted to end this off with some congratulations to our new advisor @Kmoon, who will be replacing @chaseas he steps away from CS:GO and moves into a more generalized position dealing with the media side of our community. We will also be opening up several new positions & advisor slots, including 1v1 Advisor & Surf Advisor, both of which will be personally picked by our leadership team after reviewing who puts in the most dedication towards these specific portions of our community. As always, thank you guys for the support, and we hope you enjoy our new website!
  16. My steam account is worth 15-20k$ I have problems.
  17. Several days ago I received a few messages from someone named Yume, basically stating he wanted to buy our Hitreg Fix, to which I declined, and thus he started throwing a bunch of toxicity and insults towards our community my way for absolutely no reason. Following this several days later, they started up a community called AWP Hoppa. After hearing about this, an insider of their community came to one of our senior admins regarding some comments & threats they made. Yume himself said he wanted war, so. If you want to read this in imgur format, please see here & https://streamable.com/ketg8c To preface this, I invite everyone here to review this clip https://streamable.com/ketg8c, where snacks (their community manager), talks about iplogging our staff members & leaking it with perms and others. This was a huge part of why FearZ was demoted as well, since he never reported things to us. I will send several screenshots below, with comments on them as they appear. Here is my initial conversation with Yume, basically him asking me to help him setup a server oh 6 months ago. Here is where the conversation from several days ago began, with him asking to buy our hitreg and me saying no, and thus he began a toxic spree. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now here is where the actual drama begins, due to me not wanting to sell my hitreg fix to Yume: After we were mentioned in their discord, a random member of their community asked if he could raid us, to which png (Perms) told him to do it, and then told him not to after realizing their image would look bad, a bit too late for that though. Also perms calling me abusive for banning him due to his fits he'd throw. Here is where Yume started threatening us himself due to me posting a warning to my staff members regarding AWP Hoppa. Just more shit talking, but yeah. Thought I should start this comment saying I've never leaked a members email, I don't know where moon got this information as he has never had access to our channels, and when he was dragged it was usually when we all played a game. I rarely open our forums admin panel as we do everything outside of it, so I can't see where an opportunity like this would happen. Either way: Yume proceeded to pressure one of our staff to leave due to him being mad I won't sell a plugin. He also seemingly mentions how I'm apparently going to shut down FN. I'm a bit baffled at where he got this information from, as we won't be shutting down for a very long time. Here is png (perms) attempting damage control after one of our staff leaked my message. But if you look at the streamable clip here (https://streamable.com/ketg8c), you can very obviously hear perms & snacks discussing IP logging their players and leaking our staff members IPs.
  18. Thank you a lot for this man, you're a great friend and I hope to see you back soon, couple people were asking about where you've been and I didn't know how to answer so hopefully this post solves that issue. Either way, I hope things get better & you solve any problems you have, we are always here for ya
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