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  1. [ATTACH type=full]210[/ATTACH]
  2. [ATTACH type=full]207[/ATTACH] not fake btw
  3. ive only seen like 1/4 of the mods on before (utopia mods)
  4. i think once Zextrah or whoever decides to promote the mods who deserves it, the mods that aren't that active should get let off i also feel like there is too much mods and at this rate, every person the server will have mod/perms and also yes i understand that there is still times where there isn't a moderator on at times, but still there's too much mods in general
  5. Even though there's so many admin for utopia 24/7, i rarely see anyone on no joke, might just be me and when i'm on but when admin do come on or is asked to come on, they only stay for like 20m and then leave just saying and is also my opinion but there's also some admin that i actually do see often but its only a couple of people, to when there's like 50 admins idk fam
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