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  1. Hydfo.
    1. Hydfo


      status update^
  2. https://streamable.com/hbzlr4
  3. didn't i slap you and zo up in 2v1
  4. Hydfo

    i play 2 much

    bro got the timbs and the twitch drops on the showcase lmaoo i only got 1k hours
  5. me (started the fn glock with erik) kept it in my inventory after it was almost lost to exotic ego
  6. I'm going to miss you. Even though we didn't really know each other you always could help me and tell me things. From the start when you made my day after leaving a +/- rep on my application when I first applied. And then other times when you told me things about Domestic Girlfriend and told me about the show and manga. In a way, I sorta looked up to you and always noticed you. I always liked the threads that you could create and how much joy they could bring to others such as the counting and mod count threads.
  7. are you still alive
  8. mirage re made into an awp bhop map
  9. @erik is right!! we have the original one [ATTACH type=full]390[/ATTACH]
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