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  1. Have a goo Have a good fucking day and goodbye
  2. Yes the name for the acc is Jesse but that because that used to be my old acc. and my little brother is 9 years old. hes doesn't know how to change it and i dont give a damn if it has my nae on there anyways. and yeah my old acc used to be called leothecat and that was the original for Leothecat57 until i changed it and made a new acc. I hopped on 3 min after because my brother told me he got banned and thought it was funny and i rushed on. btw his computer is right next to mine. we share a room. Therefore proving that you should ask me about those instead of assuming. Im not lying about this. but im dont trying to get unbanned since Damien already said theirs no chance. So im not going to argue anymore. Try asking people first people assuming Crab
  3. Literally got banned for hacking but didnt get to explain myself. First of all my little brother was playing on my UsuckLOL acc where he hacks on every game ( I gave him that acc btw since i was making a new one). I honestly explained myself but ya'll gonna comment on this being like lol he say he have brother excuse well i do have a brother. I understand about the ban and i should've told him not that server. Im sorry for the hacking.
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