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  1. 4 year badge incoming soonTM

  2. This forum update lookin sexy

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  3. dw i know lol. i rather focus on school and work than joining a vc tbh. doesnt mean i dont miss the people from the community.
  4. Once Minecraft servers release, its all over for my life. I shall no life the fuck out of it. Anyways, have a good day.
  5. Hyped asf for this minecraft release :)

  6. whos mans is this

  7. Hello, fellow members of the Fallen Networks community. This may be the first post where you have seen my name on this forum and that is because I honestly have never been into CS:GO communities anymore. I used to play in FN a long time ago back in 2017 when FN originated and when I used to be a staff member. (As you can tell by my join date). Ever since then I have been pondering on the thought of coming back into CS:GO and pursuing my experience within the FN community. The only other times I came back to CS:GO was to HvH (Yes, Gay I'm aware). This time though, I am thinking of coming back legitimately but I am unsure of my final choice and would like some input from you guys. If you don't care then feel free to ignore this thread. :D If you do provide some input I would appreciate it greatly. <3
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