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  1. you've changed

  2. pull out a gun and shoot spear first, * because fuck spear* then tell zharo to go eat some oreos to that he'll say .. "ooookay ... oooooooooookay twisssssky." all upset and offended cus zharo is a baby sprinkle dinkle bitch who takes 20 mins in the middle of an uno game to get a whole pack of oreos and a glass of milk. throw a stack of money out the door cus exe is dumb enough to chase after it so he basically leaves the bank, give leddy a laptop and open gmod, then leave will there cus he's too innocent to actually wanna hurt anybody. @ exe @ Leddy @ zharo @ Literally Will @ Spear
  3. a store exclusively for triscuit crackers. 12 shelves of boxes from small to xx large.
  4. short

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