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  1. moon

    -rep tried to murder me

  2. bless

  3. Sosaa

  4. moon

    bleb when is the new luckycharms showcase coming out?
  5. i just fucked a cantaloupe i rate it 7/10 not a 10/10 because my dick itches now
    1. Millionarc


      Thanks for the update (y)
  6. omg hi, DripPayne aren't you also the same person who told the whole server to -rep Kirby's profile and then harassed him for something he didn't even do even after I said I would do the same because it is in direct violation of the rules. "shit down shitter" is pretty normal on awp bhop considering the community is very toxic and hostile, but the n-word I haven't heard him say so I kinda think that's just a straight up lie even though saying it is allowed within limits. You yourself are very homophobic and feel the need to push your opinion on to others when no one asked and are just trying to have fun, but you still seem to argue with people about it causing more problems on the server. On behalf of Kirby and I please fuck off and have a wonderful day. :)
  7. i overthink a lot and uh yeah it sux
  8. This moon guy is kinda cool
  9. be nice i have to get good again
  10. bless u have rust?
  11. hello im impatient make fn rust server right now plz so i can kill peoples
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