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  1. miss you donnie - zolire
  2. shapes <3 , how about I come on today :)
  3. 4ever family too me six . Thank you !
  4. Much love brotha. I'll send you a PM later on today.
  5. YO wassup everyone, it's crazy to actually be on here right now making this but.. I have this really STRONG urge to explain my absence..... As most of you know me or ever since you've known me, I've always had some crazy moments in the community, crazy moments in the server, discord etc. I was always the rowdy but somehow really cool person in the community and somehow (till this day i really dont understand why everyone liked me so much lol) everyone liked me and respected me. As time went on and I become mod and had spent weeklong binges playing and putting myself out there, I hadn't noticed what i've been doing too myself the whole time. I was going through a rough part in my life like .... a really bad state. My grandad was hospitalized due to a stroke and it really hit him hard you know .... I've always had a pessimistic mindset all throughout my life like a really depressed mindset that any normal human being would just be like "okay lets keep pushing forward" couldn't be me. My girl of 3 years ended up fucking my childhood bsf and made me believe that a baby that i was there for , for the birth and the whole 9 months and everything .... was mine . Ive known this dude 12 years like he was my brother .... well i ended up gettin with his ol girl from the past and moved in with her for about 6 months. I got too meet her family, get close with her little brother and dad, I got into college for my Nursing Career alotta good things right , well I was using at the time and over the period of that 6 months I started to fuck up , I would get mad at her for no reason or I would think she is cheating when this bitch was down with me like peanut butter and jelly kno im saying lol but all seriousness i ended up GOING OFF on her while she was at school and she ended up leaving me. So I went from spending time TWENTY FOUR SEVEN with a family and my girlfriend NONSTOP too nothing... nobody... deadass alone bro the shit was horrible ... but prior to all of this i was using hard drugs like meth, cocaine, n oxy so all that built up stress and depression is being overflowed by drugs too keep it simple so I wont keep going lol . I cant be the proud person I wanna be because I still seem to be in the same situation.. At the moment I have no personal friends I can cool with because everyone THAT WAS AROUND ME was all there for a purpose of wanting.. but i can say I've already learned my lesson playing with life and I'm getting better everyday at controlling what's going on around me and the friends that I make n also making better decisions towards my health. :) Major shoutout to Damien as well for not only being THE goddamn best Owner of a community but being a genuine guy n not letting a huge online community boost his ego <3 much love to you my brotha . and shoutout to every motha fuckin one of you that helped me when I was down bad tbh I don't think I would be here if it wasn't for me finding this server ,,, and I can't thank you enough . God Bless
  6. Been working on school and playing alot of Cold War kek . Looking forward to getting on the server today :)
    1. jack


      Miss u donnie
    2. Donnie


      i missed you too jack :)
  7. I love you Fallen Networks <3
  8. I love you guys <3
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