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  1. medekaaka

    1. medaka


      hi bless :D

  2. This right here dont yall allow faggot to be said on your servers while you change your discord server for pride month yikes imo because people say faggot all the time on the server and nothing happens
  3. what are we even talking about
  4. smh smh silenced me instead of a mute cant have shit in detroit
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    2. medaka


      mad madmadmadm all i said was the n word in chat 5 times not spam so that shouldent have been a gag but for the n word mic spam that should have been a mute not a silence
    3. bless


      spear u owe me 5$ for the 10000 vbucks i bought u
    4. Spear


      im not paying u back im a scammer
  5. medaka


    Request my group it makes me feel good https://steamcommunity.com/groups/pc-game
  6. medaka

    i play 2 much

    i got 2k hours in this fukin game bruv
  7. medaka

    thanks for unban!
  8. your a huge fan quarerter let me in NA
  9. First of all, it's not quarter stupid madeka and how am I a fan zzzzzz
  10. big quarter fan
  11. i was false muted because i apparently was mute evading but it was the same acc diff name smh also im gagged for a week smh because i got someone banned smh smh smh fix your server thanks
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