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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    ASUS TUF B450M Motherboard
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    NVIDIA GFORCE 1660 Super SC
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    Phantecks Enthoo Pro
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  1. Gian


    My Petition To Be Unmuted For The Crimes Of Damien and His Goons (he thinks I still dance on the webby untrue and false statements im in distraught thinking about this accusation and should not be taken likely) REPLY ASAP BEFORE DAMIEN GETS MAD AND BAN ME :( #freegian
  2. Hey everyone! I havent been active a lot but im planning on starting to plan on coming back to the cs servers and going from there.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Finifole have a great 16th birthday and also.... GET YOUR DAMN LICENSE
  4. sorry guys but i deleted my discord account due to some social issues ive had with friends that i go to school with and the possibility of me getting jumped and shit like that so im quitting discord for a long time im still going to be on the fourms and csgo server. I put this up here because I wanted to say why I quit due to the last time there were some controversial issues
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