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  1. glad to have you here! welcome
  2. There is already a 90 day streak badge. Once someone hits that I can start adding more.
  3. added all the current badges so you can see what they are
  4. Hello, This is the thread where I will be posting what forum badges are available and how you can receive them. Also in this thread you can suggest new badges. So.... let me know
  5. It's like 95 degrees outside no thank you
  6. We now have a points system on our forums where you can earn a fun little rank. Below are all the ranks and their corresponding point values. These will probably get updated from time to time. They have no real meaning, just fun. There are a few different ways to earn points. These are all monitored and if you abuse the system you will obviously be punished accordingly. These are also subject to change at any time and will be updated in this thread. +2 points for creating a thread +1 point for responding to a thread +1 point for every reaction you get +10 points for each club you join +10 points for the first time you log in each day sooo lets see how this turns out in case I have to drastically change something
  7. Watch anything recently? I watched "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It" a couple days ago. Was pretty good. I expected much scarier based on what I've seen online but it didn't feel spooky.
  8. Good concept but pretty bad execution. It was fun to watch but I think they really could have done so much better.
  9. Whenever a forum bar is made and is sent to me
  10. If you are in the Cinema club you now have a new forum bar! If your bar isn't shown, just go to your profile and it will update.
  11. This leaderboard means nothing and FN tokens do not exist... yet... This is mainly just for me to keep track in case I want to do something later with it 1. @Spear15 tokens 2. @Raz5 tokens
  12. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6292852/ I give this movie a 3/5 It's an interesting concept and I love the space type vibes the movie has. The ending and how things started to progress could have been played out. I enjoyed the movie but I wish they had taken it in a different direction.
  13. Much better than before
  14. welcome to the new forums
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