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  1. Small namer loves my thread @ RAZ
  2. Jeeeez just need some gamers to play Tarkov with
  3. I come back with remorse and only to argue that people who think donda is bad don’t have good taste in music
  4. Didnt you get denied from tango :(
  5. didnt you get bullied out of this community :l
  6. it means give the people lower gas prices retard
  7. Give the people what they want
  8. haters gonna say strawberry milk aint the best
  9. If thats the way of saying i love you, then i love you too damien
  10. sorry daddy ill be quiet now :(
  11. Please shut the fuck up you did this when you were a nn & you still are a nn
  12. Big Namers ONLY young child
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