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  1. I like Raichu and Lugia Photo of DAWG
  2. hi (louder than frosti)
  3. idk why it says gmod i dont even own the game nor did i ever interact there but and sorry for placing it in the csgo forums not mod applications the new forum redesign threw me off guard ill put it in the mod applications
  4. 1. First Name: Teague 2. Steam Username: teagueo 3. Age: 16 4. Discord Username: teagueo#8944 5. Country, Location/Timezone: US Pacific Standard 6. Servers you are applying for?: Surf Kitsune 24/7 7. What is your playtime? (!pt and !ptall): Kitsune pt is 6203 minutes. ptall is 6624 minutes. 8. Were you referred to apply by anyone?: no not at the moment 9. Have you joined our discord and linked your account? (!link in bot channel): yes 10. Have you linked your steam to your forum account? (https://fallen-network): yes 11. Why should you get this position?: I'm pretty active within the community and just enjoy helping people get better at surfing and want to do what I can to help everyone 12. What differs you from other applicants?: I think mainly my ability to be around at odd hours in the pst because I play a lot in school I also think that ive been unproblematic within the community and want to help it improve 13. Are you able to record and screenshot for evidence of punishments?: yes 14. Do you have any other information to add?: uum yeah i got accepted awhile ago in like febuary but I kind stopped playing so I deleted my post after because i kind took a break from csgo surf and didnt want to be a waste of a mod but ive gotten back into it and am really focused on improving my time and skill (_BELOW IS THE LINK TO MY DELETED APP AND THE REPS FOR IT)idk why it says gmod i dont even own the game nor did i ever interact there
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