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  1. 1. First Name:DaBaby 2. Steam Username:DaBaby 3. Age:15 4. Discord Username: DaBaby#2001 5. Country, Location/Timezone: US East 6. Servers you are applying for?: Kitsune 7. What is your playtime? (!pt and !ptall):5858 Kitsune and 6445 all 8. Were you referred to apply by anyone?:no 9. Have you joined our discord and linked your account? (!link in bot channel): Yeah 10. Have you linked your steam to your forum account? (https://fallen-networks.com/settings/login/?service=3): Yeah 11. Why should you get this position?: I treat everyone fairly 12. What differs you from other applicants?:that I look at reason and who is wrong. I'm not bias because I don't really have friends on the server. 13. Are you able to record and screenshot for evidence of punishments?:Yeah 14. Do you have any other information to add?: Yes I am the real DaBaby
  2. I posted my app in the wrong spot and idk how to delete a post so I just deleted the text
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