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  1. i'd travel to butter scotch like a silly watch
  2. I got a few Juice wrld: DRFL, The bees knees + leaks Logic: No pressure, 5 hooks Buddy rich: big swing face, willow crest Drake: views, passionfruit Uzi: lir2, sauce it up Weather report/jaco pastorious: teen town, donna lee + many more but ill leave it at this
  3. 1981, forum spammers are putting in the work fr, 2000 coming soon
  4. Bad an unpredictable weather. One day it'll be 90 and sunny, the next day it'll be rainy and cold. Guess Below!
  5. I clicked on this thread to say the exact same thing
  6. Krabs

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    Youre the best zharo! <3
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