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  1. I know thats why I told you my time you donkey
  2. I made it at 12:08 am on 5/17 so its staying 5/17
  3. Updating again since we just had promotions and demotions. DIRECTORS: 3 NETWORK STAFF: 1 DIVISIONAL LEADERS: 3 ADVISORS: 7 SENIOR ADMINS: 16 ADMINS: 54 MODS: 71 TOTAL STAFF MEMBERS: 155 5/17/21
  4. Yes you did, big pranked
  5. Im fucking bored

  6. If you have been banned before I'll put it as the same reason and people will believe it but I actually just banned you because I felt like it.
  7. Everytime the most players online at a time increases we will post a screenshot of it in here. Overtime when the most players online at time increases we will get to see how much Fallen Networks has grown. Like the amount of time it took to pass the last player count or how much it increased by each time.
  8. Let's update this again since we just had a promotion/demotion day. Also counting all staff members not just Mods. DIRECTORS: 3 NETWORK STAFF: 1 DIVISIONAL LEADERS: 3 ADVISORS: 6 SENIOR ADMINS: 16 ADMINS: 47 MODS: 80 TOTAL STAFF MEMBERS: 156 4/18/21 What a wonderful community
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