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    farmer chase 

  2. keep in mind this is a very serious application and you should not half ass it
  3. Hello everyone, I am very excited to officially announce our first ever tournament! We will be hosting a Brawlhalla tournament from June 5-6, 6-8pm EST (Time may vary if needed) The tournament will be done in 1v1s, 3 stocks, 8 minute time limit. 1st Place: 1X Spring Championship Pack, 1 Month of VIP, Tournament Winner Discord Role 2nd Place: 1 Month of VIP 3rd Place: 1 Month of VIP Rules & Requirements Please make sure to sign up for the tournament before June 4th, giving me ample time to setup the bracket. Cheating of any kind is strictly prohibited How to signup: Leave a reply below using this template and you will be added to the bracket. Name: Hours Played in Brawlhalla: Discord: Link to Steam Profile (not on private): Additional Information (optional): Follow this post as I will be posting the bracket on here. As your match is about to begin, I will create a lobby and dm you the room code. Voice chat via discord is open for you to join if you wish, but not required. Example Bracket: Subject to change depending on the amount of entries. However it will remain double elimination with a winners and a losers bracket. If you have any questions or concerns you can message me on discord at nick🖤#0047. I hope you all enjoy our first of many more events to come!
  4. You'd have to either wait until VIP is fully released. But you'd have to get lifetime, clubs won't be available for monthly packages of VIP.
  5. Appreciate your hard work brother
  6. Appreciate your work man, have a good one!
  7. yo this is really just 20 pages of people farming messages
  8. get the hyper x cloud II's way better sound quality and as a bonus they don't have cat ears
  9. nick

    happy birthday my son!
    1. chase


      Thankyou father.
  10. went too deep in goth pussy and ended up in the shadow realm
    1. Zextrah


      ur making me shake my head really hard rn
  11. https://fallen-networks.com/groups/uchiha.4/
  12. nick

    oh is that how that works?
    1. chase


      [IMG width="45px"]https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/001/459/556/023.png[/IMG]
  13. +rep my favorite son
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