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  1. You should stop advertising this dumb shit in the general discord chat expecting to get attention from your peers. Though it did manage to make me come here. Fuck. Gezora you played me like a fiddle. -
  2. This is where I'd go! At the end of the universe there aren't children that cry over a 5 minute mute for example.
  3. I would go to the end of the universe, Planet earth floating in the infinite darkness of the dead universe, where the universe has become quiet, in an equilibrium. Maybe then, I would be able to find peace in knowing that everything is okay. -
  4. Spear sucks. Balls. In ball pits. the ones that are pissed on.. oh no.
  5. amathyst

  6. This is a good warning, thank you.
  7. Please ignore the person above me, as he is into femboys. His opinion is completely invalidated by this fact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -
  8. Name: Amathyst Hours Played in Brawlhalla: 43 hours Discord: Amathyst#9293 Link to Steam Profile (not on private): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Amathystie/ Additional Information (optional): The last time I played this, I was very young and was still in highschool. -
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