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  1. big floppa friday let's gooooooo
  2. yo you should look at my introduction thread
  3. Hey everyone, I'm Leddy! i used to be here near the start for the attempt at the Jailbreak server, think it was equivilant to a Jailbreak Advisor, but personal things had me drift away for a while. With the end of school finally in sight after a long hard year I've been having the itch to do something community related again for a while. When 1v1 releases expect to see me on there and I hope to see you all around the forums and servers ^^ btw @Amathystand @Nitsuahi <3
  4. Excited to see 1v1 getting added and the forum reworks is really smooth. Good job with this, can't wait for some of the changes to actually get to come around.
  5. 587 Wow I expected someone to have killed the chain this is neat.
  6. Happy birthday Fallen Networks. I'll hope to be around again soon.
  7. The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Regular Show. Those were some god tier shows.
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