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  1. Watched this movie with amelia and I liked it but I found it weird/disturbing towards the end. I think everyone knows what part it is I'm talking about. The part where he literally finds out he's adopted and that literally made me feel really bad about laughing lmao. 8/10 in my books. But tbh I wouldn't recommend to anyone with a sensitive heart as this movie likes to make you feel disturbed. Again 8/10. Anyone else like this movie as much as I did?
  2. cracked at cs my dude

  3. So as some of you may know my discord (Nitsua#5532) was purged due to some unfortunate timings in the servers I joined. If you are a real one and was one of my older friends feel free to add my new account Nitsua#4157 on discord. Thanks :)
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