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  2. i vaguely remember playing on bhop back in 2017 a couple months before quitting my first job in october anyway here's some shoutouts: dewb cameron (even if you were annoying af and constantly bitching about bonus records) @ REV @ Eddie (aka maria, not sure if you still go by this name anymore) @ KamiSetsuei @ sam @ Zextrah @ Higgs @ ekren @ Amathyst @ chase @ Console @ blye @ Alex @ 2S2W @ ocdank @ Spear @ Leddy @ Picker @ Mmil @ Milk @ Ms. Snagolt @ Nitsua (aka loony lunar) @ D4rkness @ zharo (aka cheater zharo HAHA) @ Hydfo @ Finifole (aka senior admin finifole) @ Kuro @ juan @ Gia @ Danny @ Shubby (aka fred) @ erik @ Greg @ Limit @ Limitless fnafslayerrr2009 (rest in peace) terry davis's space alien (never got to see his son or his grandson) uh yeah that's a bunch of people!!!! just dm me or something if i forgot you - 2S2W aka King 2S2W aka The Greatest aka The Best To Ever Do It
  3. if you like pineapple on pizza, then put pineapple on pizza. Absolutely not, the only answer is no
  4. Gavin

    hey man i was your 69th profile view just saying

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  5. 2S2W

    Yo Gavin
    Whats happnin’
    You like Imagine Dragons?
    Ya fuckin’ ...


  6. zextrah is staff again, so is this still a happy thread?
  7. RAZ

    i was there when he turned on the webcam :sneaky:
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      hmmm i saw u tho
    3. 2S2W


      ok kid [I]spit[/I]
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  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aniwt-1CSpg
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