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  1. if you like pineapple on pizza, then put pineapple on pizza. Absolutely not, the only answer is no
  2. 2S2W

    Yo Gavin
    Whats happnin’
    You like Imagine Dragons?
    Ya fuckin’ ...


  3. zextrah is staff again, so is this still a happy thread?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aniwt-1CSpg
  5. good to see you turned off caps
  6. i'm not in this because you don't even have to think about it
  7. 2S2W

    Ban Appeal

    please repost your appeal here and use the format. good luck.
  8. <~GAh[JFD,*)-Z^D?Eaa9>+C]A0/g+\C+F.mJ+EM[8CER,*@[email protected]))[email protected]~>
  9. i'm torn i eat a lot of mcdonalds i've never seen Grease i've got a couple buddies in Greece
  10. awp walking is not "superior skill and tactics", it's boring
  11. ok don't need to. not worth you do you . i don't judge ok now you're going too far narc
  12. i'm here for a good time not a long time
  13. looks like it's you against the world, champ
  14. 2S2W


    Please take care of yourself. This was not your fault. You have friends, and brothers, here to help if you ever need to talk about it. This was not your fault. It wasn't anyone's fault.
  15. bannin both of yall cuz ur takin up half this thread >:(
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