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  1. only kanye west song worth listening to
  2. UPDATE: The top 5 players in this tourney will qualify for the Fallen Network Chess Championship (FNCC). With MUCH larger prize pools. There will be 1 more blitz chess event after to go gather all contestants. The top 3 players from the last event will also be automatically qualified. *FNCC will be the Classical variant of chess. [uSER=68]@Nick[/uSER] @Reid @Biggie Cheese @JungleBunni @fishladder @moon @bun @six @Camden @Spear @Gian @Sosa @slinky @Finifole @Milk
  3. i can never tell if ur quitting the community or not. but an answer to ur question, most likely ur account will just be de-activated, not deleted. only GDPR citizens can request a full removal. legally speaking ofc.
  4. why do we live just to suffer
  5. Event postponed until January 22 since everyone is gay [uSER=68]@Nick[/uSER] @Reid @Biggie Cheese @JungleBunni @fishladder @moon @bun @six @Camden @Spear @Gian @Sosa @slinky
  6. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/air-force-suicides-2020/ Some good quotes by General Hyten: “Regardless of which uniform we wear, we’re not immune from life’s challenges, including thoughts of suicide,” said Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force Gen. John Hyten, the second-most senior officer in the U.S. military. “Our mental and physical health are equally as important,” Hyten said. “I got the help I needed and I’m stronger for it. So don’t hesitate to get professional help.” Suicide in young veterans is getting more and more likely, and as a young veteran myself. I just wanted to make this post to honor the vets we lost this year so pointlessly to suicide. It's a small token, but if it can help 1 person, this would have been a success. I have a specialty in behavioral health, so please if you have any issues please feel free to talk to me. We lost 98 Airman this last year, and this year I hope I can have some part in reducing that number. Shout out to @Ticklespider and @Samael you guys are my brothers in arms, so you know im always here for you guys.
  7. Chess Tournament! Hosted By: Reid! When: January 30th, 9:00PM Central How it will Work? The tournament will be on lichess which has a free tournament system, all you have to do is have an email and make an account here. We will have a discord channel for all participates. What's gonna happen? This is a casual event, and everyone is invited! It will be rapid chess with time set at 5min + 5sec intervals. The time is quick to keep the event moving and to prevent cheating. This is super casual and even if you don't play chess (or don't know how) that's okay! The website will explain how to play, and won't let you make false moves. I want to see as many people there as possible! How to Join? All you have to do to RSVP is reply to this post! You don't have to RSVP to join, but it would be appreciated so I know a headcount. Prizes! First Place: $15 PayPal Second Place: Steam Game Third Place: Steam Game *There needs to be at least 6 participates for a prize to be given out RSVP'D So Far: nick Reid Biggie Cheese JungleBunni fishladder moon bun six camden Spear Gian sosa slinky finfole Milk Note: *Cheating will result in this never happening again. I'm doing this to give back to the community, and for all of us to have a good time together. It will also be reported to Damien of anyone caught cheating.
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