Community Information

Fallen-Networks is a gaming community with many different server types in a variety of different games. We have taken numerous steps towards making high quality servers and ensuring that our players get the best possible experience when playing. Started in March of 2017 with a few friends, we have grown to become a multi game network with thousands of users. Fallen-Networks prides itself in providing consistently stable and fun servers.

We have servers in multiple games ranging from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, to Garry's Mod, to Rust, and finally to FiveM. We also have a minecraft sister community by the name of Mazora, and you can find information on it below.

We also have several non game services, such as discord, teamspeak, and a steam group, you can find the links to those below.

Steam Group
Teamspeak (
Minecraft Sister Community

Community Ranks

  • Owners oversee all actions of the community and lead the Division Leaders.
  • Division Leaders are responsible for leading their division and ensuring Division Advisors fulfill their day to day responsibilities.
  • Division Advisors are responsible for the day to day tasks and assisting members with their issues in each respective division.
  • Game Server Senior Admins have demonstrated their efficiency as admins and have been rewarded with the highest honor of staff ranking.
  • Game Server Admins have proven to be efficient enough staff members to be trusted to deal with more severe situations.
  • Game Server Mods are expected to moderate the servers and keep our chats fun, fair, and clean.

Community Roster