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  1. Leddy

    Jailbreak Rules Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions

    Being as it's just as simple as rewording it to avoid nitpicky dicks, I'd prefer to do it sooner rather than later personally. For the second bit, over the entire course of my playtime on T and CT I've never seen that happen, I will affirm that in my opinion it's a rule that people are going to...
  2. Leddy

    Jailbreak Rules Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions

    I mostly point out wordings such as that, and any others in these rules, because people like to nitpick and complain about it, it's simpler to add a few words to tie the loose ends up so people can't cause headaches imo. That's my experience with Jailbreak players at least, especially rule...
  3. Leddy

    Jailbreak Rules Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions

    Common Phrases > Contraband: Does that include HE and Molotovs, beyond that how are Zeus considered? > Freeshoot/Freethrow: It should likely be stated that it must cause damage to the Ts, or people might whine. > Baiting: From how that's worded, something like saying "Throw your HE" or the like...
  4. Leddy

    Favorite Map?

    Undertale surely. There are a variety of truly fun minigames that aren't too inaccessible but with challenging minigames scattered around as well optionally. Cell Minigames are really fun. Rebelling is difficult but so fun if you can make it work (Aka just be first in Minigame and you normally...
  5. Leddy

    Jailbreak Map Suggestions

    Undertale is overplayed, but it has really fun minigames and secrets to make up for it. Not including it would be a waste.
  6. Leddy

    Jailbreak Map Suggestions

    sg_dojo undertale cavern I need my 3 best maps and thats it out of my requests also potato could be nice
  7. Leddy

    favorite secret on jailbreak?

    Vending machine in Dystopian is always such a bitch, personally I really like a lot of the Undertale ones, the Shotgun is pretty fun but the ghost and acting like the ghost to knife CTs is even better.
  8. Leddy

    Ideas for JB Days?

    I just thought it might be good to compile a thread of any kind of out-there ideas people had for JB days, for any kind of warden to take from you know? It could be something standard, or really out there, map specific, etc. there isn't any specific topic, just share some of your favorite JB...
  9. Leddy

    Howdy Yall my name is bobby

    Hi Bobby Vagina
  10. Leddy

    i will be active here easily

    I'll be surfing some too. It's real good fun
  11. Leddy


    Who says you can't enjoy both (NiP Numba 1 tho)
  12. Leddy


    Hey man, at least I'm not the kinda guy who swaps fanbases every other week.
  13. Leddy

    hi i'm d4rkness

    How about you play JB instead, or I'll make ya sorey for not doing that. C:
  14. Leddy


    Hey, I'm Leddy. JB and CS Esports Fanatic. (Favorite team is NiP, comment yours below if you've got one) I play FF and am worse than everyone else at Bhopping. By the way better than Damien at Random Battles in Pokemon totally not :cool: