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  1. Lunar

    meme :^)

    ah yes quality mem i made because this thing dead @Damien
  2. Lunar

    Staff Application Form

    Yeah why not +vouch
  3. Lunar

    Staff Application Form

  4. Lunar


    hi rez
  5. Lunar

    Hola como estas me llamo lunar

    The forums mad dead at the moment so let's take a few shots at when the jb server is coming up. Also, I feel it is necessary to advertize to older players that it may come back soon.
  6. Lunar

    hmm, this section mad dead lets revive it

    Its too good
  7. Lunar

    "Jailbreak" (Debate Thread)

    jb sounds better and describes it much more
  8. Lunar

    hmm, this section mad dead lets revive it

    For realz-+
  9. Lunar

    hmm, this section mad dead lets revive it

    Move it to the officail thraed
  10. Lunar

    [THREADFORANIME] JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

    This thread will be for JoJo's and for people who love it as much as I do's In this thread you may: Talk about JoJos Send memes around Send feet pics Talk about which character you like the most and basically have fun and bond with your brothers and sisters about the holy texts. Heres a few...
  11. Lunar

    hmm, this section mad dead lets revive it

  12. Lunar

    Hey Guys!

    dude ive seen that vid on insta like 140 times already but anyway very cool!
  13. Lunar

    Jailbreak Map Suggestions

    oh and quake bc its really fun and it has alot of really fun minigames
  14. Lunar

    Surf Map Pool?

    kitsune bc its easy asf
  15. Lunar

    Pictures of your dogs.

    I mean I have two dogs but I can’t upload the image bc it’s too large
  16. Lunar

    Hey Guys!

    Thank you Joshos, Very cool!
  17. Lunar

    Favorite Map?

    Mine is probably vipinthemix bc it’s so easy to rebel with n and you know we about that rebel gang - This post was made by rebel gang
  18. Lunar

    Jailbreak Map Suggestions

    no undertale
  19. Lunar

    favorite secret on jailbreak?

    Helicopter in clouds and the vending machine in dystopian