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Found 3 results

  1. FiveM is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V enabling you to play multiplayer on customized servers. Obviously your going to need a legit version of GTA V it can be from Steam, Rockstar Launcher or Epic Games however some servers require a SteamID to join so be aware if your on Rockstar or Epic Games. 1. Head over to the FiveM Website and download the client. 2. Run the installer, it will ask you to find your GTAV folder for Steam you can find it by right clicking Grand Theft Auto V and going to properties then local files. 3. After that it will prompt you with "FiveM needs to update the game cache." Click yes and wait for it to finish downloading (This is basically downloading all of the things required for FiveM to function) 4. To connect we currently have two servers, To find them type Fallen Networks in the searchbar and both servers should appear. 5. Sometimes the server browser fails to find servers if this happens press F8 to open up the console and type connect SERVERIP (This is to connect to Freeroam) (For step 5 when the servers are opened for the public to play SERVERIP will change into the IP for the freeroam server.) Still need help? If you are having any issues after installing feel free to message me on the forums or on discord at Zextrah#0001
  2. These rules are made with the intention to make roleplay on server better for everyone, Please read them so you know what we expect from you as a player. Last update: 8/7/2020 1.0 You must have a working microphone. 1.1 You must be able to understand and speak English since we are a NA based server. 1.2 You must have access to discord. This is primarily what we use to communicate whether it regards staff, applications, server events, and etc. 1.3 You must respect one another in and out of RP. Derogatory remarks directed to others regarding race, gender, religion, disabilities or sexual preference will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment or disrespect will result in consequences. 1.4 If a problem needs to be resolved, make a ticket, don't start drama in OOC. 1.5 Steam or discord names that are deemed offensive will receive one warning/kick. Please have appropriate names. If you continue to join after being warned/kicked with the offensive name, there will be consequences. 1.6 Roleplaying sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban. This also applies verbally. Do not joke or mock sexual harassment. We do not tolerate this behavior and a ban appeal will not be allowed. 1.7 Suicide RP and Terrorism RP are not allowed. We understand that this happens IRL, but they are touchy subjects that people do not need to be reminded of. There are minimal exceptions, please contact an admin for permission before roleplaying suicide or terroristic acts. 1.8 No RDM/VDM. RDM (Random death match): killing/attempting to kill without intent and roleplay. VDM (Vehicle Death Match): using a vehicle to kill/attempt to kill without intent or roleplay. KEEP IN MIND THAT WE ARE A ROLEPLAY SERVER. Deadly action needs to be roleplayed. Killing on site is not allowed as it could be seen as a form of RDM. 1.9 Meta-gaming is not allowed. Meta-gaming: the act of using out-of-character/external information for in-game situations. This includes stream sniping, 3rd party VOIP applications, and etc. 2.0 Power-gaming is not allowed. Power-gaming: using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist. 2.1 If you are using a 3rd party VOIP application, treat it as a radio or cell phone. Discussing in character information must be vocalized to the surrounding group of people around you. 2.2 No exploiting or hacking. This includes: AFK farming, abusing in-game bugs, etc. This will result in an immediate ban. 2.3 Follow the NLR rule. NLR (New-Life Rule): if you character is hurt in a way in which they cannot survive (headshotted, burned to death, etc), as soon as you respawn/morgued, you will have no memory of how you died or who killed you. If you are revived by EMS, there is no NLR rule, however you must RP your injuries. 2.4 Follow FearRP. FearRP: fearing for your life. For example, if you are alone in an alleyway and 4 gang members hold you at gunpoint and you cannot escape without dying, you must follow FearRP. The average person would follow their demands as they are helpless in a situation of such, you wouldn’t just walk away. 2.5 Do not FailRP. Due to the mechanics of GTA V, things that are completely unrealistic and down right impossible to do are easily done while in game. Think before you do, your actions should be thought out before you act. For example, driving off an overpass and dropping 20+ feet while in your vehicle, flipping the vehicle multiple times, then proceeding to continue driving off while being pursued by police will not be tolerated. Realistic actions and responses. 2.6 Combat logging will result in an immediate ban. For example, logging out to avoid jail consequences or respawning without permission while in an RP situation can result in a ban. If you crashed, immediately contact Staff, @Police or @EMS in discord to let them know that you have crashed. 2.7 Perma-death is upon your request. You control the death of your character, If you choose to kill off your character, you cannot make a revenge character, this rule is set to prevent metagaming. 2.8 Do not speak ooc (out-of-character) unless being spoken to by an admin or a moderator. There is no reason you should break character unless you are speaking to a staff member about a problem that needs to be resolved. 3.0 Green zones must be crime-free. It is FailRP to runaway from a crime and enter a green zone. If the RP begins outside of it and is brought into the green zone, you may continue the criminal RP, however, it must be realistic. An example, in which it is not allowed due to realism, would be bringing a gang vs gang fight to the Police Station or Hospital. Spawn Clothing and Barber Police Station Hospital Garages These are all considered green zones. 3.1 Stealing police, ems, or military vehicles is NOT allowed, even those containing AI (locals). (Vehicles include helicopters, tanks, jets, transport vehicles, cargobobs, military helicopters, etc.) However, player vehicles can be stolen with proper RP behind it. This includes using specific /me interactions, as well as a reason to steal the vehicle. You have to be in an active police situation that involves you. For example, /me takes or steals key from officer. If you are confused on what is the wrong and right way to steal an emergency vehicle, please ask staff in discord. 3.3 No cop baiting. Do not purposefully try and get police attention on you by doing things you would not do with an officer near you. This includes, burning out in the middle of intersections, purposefully revving your motor at lights to bait a pull over/chase and purposely committing traffic violations in the vicinity of a police officer and shooting in the air for no reason and driving away. 3.4 You cannot impersonate cops/EMS. So do not use the character models that are associated with emergency services. 3.5 If cops are offline, Crimes such as kidnapping and robberies are not allowed. However, if there is a mutual agreement within both parties it is allowed as long as you let staff know. 3.6 Intentionally sitting on high traffic areas that lead to illicit spots (Drug Locations, Black Market, Job Locations etc.) for the purpose of robbing people is not allowed. This also pertains to police camping drug and other locations to bust individuals for the purpose of solely busting.
  3. This handbook was last updated: If you have any questions feel free to contact Commissioner Gordon at PD or on Discord at Kuro#2487 Last update: 8/7/2020 The following are variables to determine how long someone can/will be sentenced for TERMS/DEFINITIONS: Class 1 Weapon - Any Handguns with exception to the Pistol .50 Class 2 Weapon - Any Semi automatic rifle or shotgun. Class 3 Weapon - Any Automatic rifle/pistol or shotgun, Sniper rifle or weapon of high caliber. Illegal Tools - C4, Vault Drill, Hacking Device Illegal Vehicle Upgrades - Tunerchips Controlled Substance - Any drug with exclusion of weed in excess of 5 units. Aggravation - Crimes committed with the use or threat of use of a weapon, or the intent grievously injure someone. Months - Minutes ----------------------------------------- CHAIN OF COMMAND: COMMISSIONER DEPUTY COMMISSIONER CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT SERGEANT CORPORAL SENIOR OFFICER OFFICER PROBATIONARY OFFICER ----------------------------------------- DEPARTMENT RULES: Disrespect towards civilians and other officers will not be tolerated Any form of corruption will end in immediate termination and be reported to government Officers on duty must remain professional at all times Police cars cannot be outfitted with illegal mods such as Tunerchips Anyone wearing a mask under reasonable suspicion can be searched ----------------------------------------- VEHICLE USAGE: Undercover / Unmarked cars can only be used if more than 4 MARKED UNITS are online Police cars when not occupied by an officer should be LOCKED at all times Any missing police cars should be reported IMMEDIATELY on radio and all cars currently on patrol exchanged at the PD Unless in pursuit or responding to Code 2 or higher officers must obey traffic laws and speeds. ----------------------------------------- PURSUIT PROTOCOL: Code 1 / Code Green: Suspect does not currently pose a threat to civilians or officers and should be NON LETHALLY be detained, Under the circumstances that you are in a pursuit and 5 Minutes has passed the suspect will now be Code 2 / Code Orange Code 2 / Code Orange: Suspect has shown signs of hostility and could possibly be a threat towards civilians or officers, (EX. Has a knife or gun out but not pointed) Officers should still attempt to take the suspect down NON LETHALLY but be prepared to use LETHAL FORCE After 10 minutes has passed subject will be declared Code 3 / Code Red Code 3 / Code Red: Suspect without a reasonable doubt poses a threat to civilians or officers, LETHAL FORCE is authorized at this point to neturalize the threat ----------------------------------------- 10 CODES: 10-1 Unable to Copy 10-2 Vehicles Disabled 10-3 Clear Radio 10-4 Roger 10-6 Busy Standby 10-7 Out of Service 10-8 Now Available 10-9 Repeat 10-10 AFK/Break 10-12 Stand by 10-15 Prisoner Transport 10-16 Vehicle Check 10-19 En-route 10-20 Location 10-23 Arriving On scene 10-24 Scene Clear 10-25 Disregard Last Call 10-29 Warrant Check 10-30 Possible Intoxicated Subject 10-31 Hostage 10-32 Bank Robbery 10-33 Traffic Stop 10-34 Trouble at station help needed 10-35 Major Crime Alert 10-36 Possible Mental Patient 10-37 Suicidal Subject 10-38 Request for supervisor 10-39 Disregard other units 10-41 Shift Starting 10-42 Shift Ending 10-50 Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) 10-52 Ambulance Needed 10-53 Ambulance En-route 10-54 Drag Race in progress 10-55 Driving while intoxicated (DUI) 10-56 Intoxicated person 10-70 Pursuit on foot 10-79 Report of fire in progress 10-80 Pursuit in a vehicle ----------------------------------------- PENAL CODE: Disobeying a lawful order from LEO - 5 Months Disturbing the Peace - Fine of $5000 False Reporting - 5 to 15 months Obstruction of Justice - 5 - 15 months Speeding 10 - 20+ - (Usually just a verbal warning) if not then Fine of $5000 Speeding 20 - 30+ - Fine of $7500 Speeding 30+ - 5 Months + Fine of $15000 Felony Evasion - 10 Months + Fine of $10000 Reckless Driving - (Verbal warning again) if not then fine of $5000 Illegal Parking - Verbal warning and request to move the vehicle somewhere where it isn't disruptive if driver cannot be found or does not come forward impound the vehicle Grand Theft Auto - 5 Months + Fine of $5000 Possession of an Illegal Weapon - 7 Months + Fine of $10000 Use of Class 1 Weapon in a Crime - 5 Months + Fine of $5000 Use of Class 2 Weapon in a Crime - 10 Months + Fine of $10000 Use of Class 3 Weapon in a Crime - 15 Months + Fine of $15000 Aggravated Assault - 15 Months Assault - 10 Months Harassment - 5 Months + $5000 Involuntary Manslaughter - 15 Months Voluntary Manslaughter - 20 Months Kidnapping - 30 Months Att. Murder - 35 Months Murder - 40 Months Terrorism - 60 Months Burglary - 10 Months Destruction of Property - 5 Months Destruction of Government Property - 7 Months + Fine of $2000 Trespassing on Government Property - 15 Months + Fine of $10000 Possession of Illegal Items/Tools - 15 Months + Fine of $7500 Manufacturing of Drugs - 15 Months + $10000 Possession of Drugs (M) - 5 Months of Community Service Possession of Drugs - If the offender has above 5 units add 1 month per unit. If offender has less than 5 please refer to Possession of Drugs (M) -----------------------------------------
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