24/7 Surf Utopia and AWP Bhop Release


System Administrator
Today we have released two new servers for our network, a 24/7 Utopia and an AWP Bunny Hop Server. The IPS will be posted below.

24/7 Utopia

AWP Bhop
Utopia is the first of several surf servers I will be releasing on our network with more details coming about this shortly. Along with this I have several other servers planned as well as a donation system, more community updates, and branching into other games like Garry's Mod and Rust. Our partner minecraft community will be releasing its servers shortly, and info on this will be posted on our discord or on their forums @ https://mazora.net.

If you would like to apply for staff on any of our servers, please head to the sub forums of the designated server you'd like to apply for and your application will be handled by your appointed divisional advisor. If you have any bugs or suggestions, please post them in our discord or refer to the designated forums we have for those topics.

I want to give thanks to @Mr.Slime and @sexygamer for helping me test awp, as well as congratulate @sexygamer and @Lunar on their promotions to admin!