AWP and Combat Surf Rules

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Fallen-Networks Global Rules
These rules apply to every game server we could possibly have, and all future ones to come.
Revision 1 - 7/19/2019

  • Please keep the voice and text chats English only.
  • Please keep racism or discriminatory remarks to a minimum.
  • Do not harass, antagonize, or bully other players.
  • Do not chat spam, mic spam, or intentionally talk over others.
  • Do not advertise other communities, discords, and or ips.
  • Do not impersonate our official members or staff.
  • Do not use cheats, hacks, scripts, or exploits of any kind.
  • Do not argue with admins about a punishment, if you feel it was wrong please report them on our forums.
  • Do not disrupt the server in any way.
  • Do not talk about topics that would otherwise be deemed disturbing to others. (Examples include gore, weird sexual acts, and illegal activities.)
  • All rules are subject to leadership discretion.

Fallen-Networks AWP and Combat Surf Rules
These rules apply to our CS:GO AWP and Combat Surf Servers, you can find the ip for them

  • All global rules apply
  • Do not camp teleports or ladders
  • Do not delay rounds
  • Do not call out cheaters
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