CS:GO Changelog

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This thread will be properly updated whenever the CS:GO servers have updates to them.
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- Fixed sv_full_alltalk not being set so now people can talk to eachother :)
- Fixed sourcebans errors with rank syncing and punishments
- Removed third person plugin
- Removed advanced admin
- Removed 9 Models bringing us down to 11
- Fixed moderator perms
- Fixed teleport perms

- Fixed round end guns
- Fixed store errors
- Fixed noblock
- Resynced maps to the fastdl so they can properly download
- Removed some of the ba maps from the map pool
- Updated JB plugins to most recent commit, fixing a memory leak

- Fixed store errors
- Fixed WS and Knife not working
- Fixed SSJ console spam
- Fixed downloads not working
- Fixed bhop_greenwood end zone
- Removed some cheated times
- Added a +left and +right blocker
- Zoned the remaining 80ish maps
- Fixed bhop_anotherdevmap being named bhop_anotherdevmapxd
- bhop_areaportal has been cut off halfway and turned into a tier 2
- Rezoned bhop_icebase_csgo so its easier to do the beginning long jump
- Removed maps that would drop players for client side glitches or crash the player (will look into fixes later)
- Redid map pool properly with the new zoned map, we are almost at our original 300 :)



- Fixed announcement colors so they properly work and sync
- Fixed punishment logs going to their proper channel
- Fixed votes being able to be called

Bunny Hop
- Edited chat messages for the timer to sync with our formats

1v1 Arena
- Edited multi1v1 phrases so they look prettier
- Made it so guns menu always opens on connect
- Added anti cheat

- Fixed Pointers
- Fixed broken plugin prefixes
- Fixed T muting on round start
- Fixed map votes
- Edited jailbreak-logs to sync with jailbreak colors
- Added jailbreak-mute to fix above error
- Replaced jb_vipinthemix_ego with jb_vipinthemix_hdr_fix as its more stable?
- Removed a couple maps and made the map pool a bit more simple so we get more chances at popular maps



- Fixed some maps having broken game_player_equips on round start
- Fixed alive wardens keeping their warden on round end
- Fixed perms for certain jb specific commands



- Redid store pricing, making things quite a bit harder to acquire
- Removed and refunded any purchased store items to at least 75% of their initial cost depending on the item

- Fixed clouds not showing up on map list
- Change LR count to 1 instead of 2 (This is only until we reach an optimal player count for 2)
- Edited jailbreak-mute so now round start mutes are only for 60 seconds, and admins+ bypass this
- Added jailbreak-striponspawn so now everyones weapons get stripped on spawn. I'll change this to be T only in the future
- Updated jailbreak-logs to version 1.0 to fix some console spam errors
- Tested my beta version of jailbreak-jihad, seems to work properly, so official release of that soontm


(This was multiple updates from 1/1/2020 to now, im bad at keeping these updated lol)

Bunny Hop
- Fixed bhop_warmsiege bonus start not being zoned
- Blocked s key on HSW to prevent SHSW
- Added sm_nom / nom command
- Removed some SHSW times that were under HSW
- Added Oryx Anti Cheat
- Added Bunny Hop SMAC modules
- Added BASH 2.0
- Fixed bhop_arcane booster
- Set sv_maxvelocity to 25000
- Added !showtriggers
- Added !jhud
- Updated sourcemod to most recent version
- Removed map end screen so map instant changes
- Added bonuses to several maps
- Removed the Bonus HSW rec from bhop_atom
- Made !ez an alias for ez scroll
- Fixed !sr going to segmented instead of speedrun
- Added !auto to normal
- Zoned bonus on bhop_blueshade_csgo
- Switched bhop_blue_shade to bhop_blue_shade_csgo
- Blocked a few commands used to flood and lag servers
- Added !music to mute map music
- Zoned bonus on bhop_behomeby10_csgo
- Added an attempted fix for the map resetting
- Fixed the warmup bugs, map time bugs, and the restart bug
- Fixed bhop_miles start zone
- Removed a redundant plugin

- Added in sm_swap and several other commands for admins
- Fixed discrepancy in the rules
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