Fallen-Networks One Year Anniversary


System Administrator
It's been a while since I've posted something here, as most of our stuff is communicated through discord I kinda tend to forget about posting here. So if you want more consistent up to date stuff, please join our discord located here.

I want to start this off by saying Merry Christmas to everyone, and that we hope you all are having a great holiday. I'll make this quick, but there have been several community updates along with some fun stats I can share with everybody, so here goes nothing.

New Servers:
24/7 Surf Rookie

24/7 Surf Summer

We have also been hard at work on our sister community Mazora, as well as the FiveM expansion for our community. But enough of that, let's get onto the sappy stuff.

A year ago we restarted this community due to the ideal that we could provide a competent community that consistently pushes to be better. As some of you know, we had shut down originally and merged into another community due to myself being rather bored with the lackluster competition in CS:GO, but since then a lot of new communities have emerged and thus reignited a spark in me for this game. I honestly didn't think we would grow to as big as we have, and it's crazy to think about where we were a year ago to now. I just want to say thank you all for believing in the community, myself, and our leadership team, and we could never have done this without you guys.

Since opening up a year ago, we have hit new records compared to before, so I want to thank you guys again, and end this off with some fun statistics. Oh and keep a look out for minecraft and fivem!
- Hit almost 2000 members in our discord from the measly 300 when we restarted
- Hit 30,000 completions on Utopia, with 150,000 unique joins
- Hit 15,000 completions on Kitsune, with 80,000 unique joins
- Had 30,000 unique joins on Rookie, and 13,000 unique joins on Summer
- Hit 25,000 completions on Beginner Surf, with 37,000 unique joins
- Hit 13,000 completions on Easy Surf, with 20,000 unique joins
- Hit 130,000 completions on Easy Bhop, with 42,000 unique joins
- Had 25,000 people join AWP Bhop this year
- Had 10,000 people join Combat Surf since it started
- Had over 100,000 unique joins on all our servers in the last month
- Had 1000 people register for our forums with 8800 posts made
- Hit our biggest peak of 247 players globally
- Had a staff team of 130+ people
- And finally, serviced a total of 82,545 gigabytes of data, or 82.5 terabytes since May 21st.


FiveM Server Advisor Roleplay
CS:GO Server Advisor Surf
Happy birthday Fallen Networks!
I'm a bit late but, MERRY CHRITMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. FN is the place where all my stress and anxiety went away. Thank you CSGO staff for being great people and not being toxic much love. CSGO and FiveM advisors, you people are a whole new BREED, yall are the GODS of keeping the servers fun. FiveM staff, never played FiveM but I'm sure you guys keep it always fun. and to these four people. Nick Co-owner, Damien Owner, Zextrah, FiveM Server Advisor and CSGO Surf Advisor. Slime, CSGO Division leader, you keep doing what you do and making sure us FN players love the servers. AND TO ALL REGULAR FN PLAYERS, Yes we love you guys you make this community a community, thank you! Much love.