INO's 24/7 FN Surf Utopia Staff Application


1.First Name: Jackson
2.Steam Username: BOT Ino
3. Age 16
4.Discord Username: yøkino#0420
5.Country, Location/Timezone: USA, PST (Pacific Standard Time)
6.Servers you are applying for?: FN 24/7 Utopia
7.What is your playtime? (!pt and !ptall): (the command isnt working but i have been in this server for about 2-3 hours each day since Christmas)
8.Were you referred to apply by anyone?: Spongebob (i think that was his name)
9.Have you joined our discord and linked your account? (!link in bot channel): Yes
10.Have you linked your steam to your forum account? ( No (i will do it after i submit the form)
11.Why should you get this position: I want to make this surf server a fun place for everyone who plays it.
12.What differs you from other applicants?: I am committed to my word and will punish accordingly if rules are broken. Generally, im really laid back and i understand that the servers can get toxic but its CS:GO, what do you expect? I am only going to punish users if they break a rule, i wont power trip and ban someone because they "hurt my precious feelings"
13.Are you able to record and screenshot for evidence of punishments?: Yes
14.]Do you have any other information to add?: Not really, i just want to make to bring the community together and make it a really enjoyable place for everyone
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@ino you seemed to have completely removed question 3.

3. Age:

Please edit your application and add your age.