"Jailbreak" (Debate Thread)

This is simply a friendly debate thread made for anyone to input their opinions, research and other information about the topic.

Let me clear this up:

State and Federal prisons are run by Prison Guards and Wardens.

Local (city) Jails are run by local law enforcement such as, police officers, deputies and sheriffs.

This is a weird mixture between a prison and a jail,

Why do we call it Jailbreak?

Shouldn't it be called Prisonbreak? Beside the fact that prison break sounds stupid, it is clearly a prison, not a jail. Since it is being called a JAIL, there should be officers, because jails are run by local law enforcement and local government, not prison guards and wardens in prisons. And why are there terrorists in a jail. Terrorists get their name as a terrorist because of the types of crimes they commit. Terrorists do not go to prison because they have committed minor crimes or misdemeanors, they go to prison. To go to jail, and stay there (not a holding platform for awaiting being transferred into prison), you must commit minor crimes or misdemeanors, not the massive crimes that terrorists commit such as bombings, mass-shootings, arson, etc.

This is most likely, a prison. And it is definitely a MINIMUM security prison, because of the games that the prison has to offer.

Now, what really puzzles me about this is, terrorists. Terrorists in a minimum security prison. Let me just take a moment to list off some of the things people might go to a minimum security prison for:
  • Many non-violent convictions, such as tax evasion
  • You might get placed from a higher security prison down to a minimum security prison because of ideal behavior
  • Clean prior criminal record
  • If you have no chance of attempting to escape, or have np history of attempts at escaping
Now, this is clearly neither a prison or a jail, and it is nothing but a deceptive simulation of what going to jail and prison at the same time is. I mean no offense to anyone in anyway that has a family member, or friend that has gone to either prison or jail, this is solely a thread about if you think the title: "Jailbreak" is the right title for this gamemode.


what did i just read

anyways its the right title bc it flows better, jb has been a gamemode through many source games and even ones like minecraft, so the name terrorist is simply bc its a cs game and thats the name of the team

all in all prison break sounds so weird, jailbreak doesnt


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jailbreak just has a better vibe and sounds better, rolls off the tongue better then prisonbreak