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Minecraft Core Basics

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Greif Prevention breakdown
Here at Fallen Networks we have gone the extra distance to bring you completly custom plugins, our greif prevention is incredibly simple but effective and easy to use all at the same time. There are only two commands /trust and /untrust and it uses a golden shovel to claim with.

We have created an awesome custom clan plugin that boasts a bunch of cool things, first off the entire plugin functions off of a menu instead of commands. there is a Message of the day custom ranks and clan tags. In the menu you can also see who is in your clan and teleport to your clans home. In the clan menu you can also invite people as well as change the name of your clan or leave the clan. Each clan also has a bank of sorts and there are levels to progress through and we will be anouncing a clan shop very soon.

Marrige Plugin
We have created a brand new marrige plugin so that you can claim your favorite E-Girl, its very easy to use and has a few different functions, first off to propose to someone you can type /marry [player who you wish to propose to] and they will see an option to decline or accept, they have to click on it to choose an option. Then you can divorce at any time by typing /divorce. You can also use /marry gift to give your partner that special something that you are holding. It has a few other commands such as /marry tp to teleport to you partner as well as /marry list and /marry seen to see all of the marriges on the server as well as check when your partner was last online.
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