Pixelmon Beta Release (Dark/5.1.2)

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    The rumours are true, we are releasing the beta versions of our Pixelmon servers. We are going to start by releasing two servers for Pixelmon: Dark, and 5.1.2.

    Server IP: play.fallen-networks.com

    Hub Server
    Our current hub server offers a few basic, but important functions currently. We have plans for the upcoming weeks on how we want to evaluate hub to make it more satisfying for you.

    Pixelmon Red (Dark)
    Our Pixelmon Dark server will challenge you to find new and exciting ways to explore the world.

    Pixelmon Blue (5.1.2)
    Our Pixelmon 5.1.2 server will let you you have a level of comfort. However, you will have many opportunities to explore and expand your grasp of Pixelmon.

    We surveyed the community and came up with a few basic features to get us started. We fully plan on adding a few updates per each week since we open. However, here is a few features:
    • Crates - Use your vote and donor keys at spawn to get some very nifty rewards.
    • Grief Prevention - Use a land claiming plugin that you are either familiar with. However, if not you will find an easy time on picking it up.
    • Evolution/TM Shop - We thought we would make your life a little easier and offer a shop at /warp PokeCenter to assist in your Pixelmon needs.
    To learn on how to install this modpack. Check out this.

    Fallen-Networks wants you to enjoy your experience and that involves feedback from you. So we ask that if you have any suggestions, comments, or bug reports. Please check out this thread.

    Happy Hunting,
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