Staff Application Form


Rookie Member
1. First Name: Amine
2. Steam Username: ~g~~h~D4rkness
3. Age: 14 Years Of Age
4. Discord Username: D4rkness🍁| SWR-379#0001
5. Country, Location/Timezone: Canada, Toronto/EST
6. What is your playtime? /playtime: 0 hours
7. Were you referred to apply by anyone?: No
8. Have you joined our discord and linked your account? (See FAQ if confused): Yes
9. Have you linked your steam to your forum account? (See FAQ if confused): Yes
10. Why should you get this position?: Not only am I going to be one of the first admins to be on the server but I'll also be active.
11. What differs from other applicants?: I'll not only be active but I'll also be on at times of need
12. Are you able to record and screenshot for evidence of punishments?: Affirmative
13. Do you have any other information to add?: I am applying before the servers are even out