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What is FiveM? How do I install it?


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FiveM is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V enabling you to play multiplayer on customized servers.


Obviously your going to need a legit version of GTA V it can be from Steam, Rockstar Launcher or Epic Games however some servers require a SteamID to join so be aware if your on Rockstar or Epic Games.


1. Head over to the FiveM Website and download the client.

2. Run the installer, it will ask you to find your GTAV folder for Steam you can find it by right clicking Grand Theft Auto V and going to properties then local files.

3. After that it will prompt you with "FiveM needs to update the game cache." Click yes and wait for it to finish downloading (This is basically downloading all of the things required for FiveM to function)

4. To connect we currently have two servers, To find them type Fallen Networks in the searchbar and both servers should appear.

5. Sometimes the server browser fails to find servers if this happens press F8 to open up the console and type connect SERVERIP (This is to connect to Freeroam)


(For step 5 when the servers are opened for the public to play SERVERIP will change into the IP for the freeroam server.)

Still need help? If you are having any issues after installing feel free to message me on the forums or on discord at Zextrah#0001

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