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what i have learned from photoshop class :] 


reallyshittypfp_sailor.jpg.2170fe7d62f70faff6e14aaaa3c8c7fb.jpg  reallyshittypfp_clense.jpg.2005fe8f0478248b1c3f469c18df16fb.jpg  reallyshittypfp_allusive.jpg.19cec14eeb3f8407445a959700f6dfb3.jpg  reallyshittypfp_snowdevil.jpg.d1b9421a8d7ab4546714c72f6c6c7031.jpg

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07ea88b6beba21f399f240b524eef29f.png.ceafdac472a31b8fe02b7c6fbfd710ef.png                                           :EmoSadge: 

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