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Some Useful binds for CS:GO surf

Literally Will

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Lets talk about the simple starting out binds that most people that are new to the surf gamemode. The following binds will be simplistic and easy to understand.

First you need to open up your console by pressing the "~" key next to the number "1" on your keyboard, if it doesn't pop up then you might have to enable your console in the settings. To do this go to settings>Game>enableDevolperConsole and enable it.

The first bind is a basic go to the beginning of the map bind: "bind [key] sm_r" , eq. bind z sm_r

The next bind will be for going back to the beginning of the stage on maps that have checkpoints: "bind [key] sm_back" , eq. bind x sm_back

If you would like to go directly to a stage: "bind [Key] sm_stage #"

For maps that have bonuses on them: "bind [Key] sm_b" , eq. bind h sm_b

For people that have slower mouse sensitivity I would highly recommend a turn bind. A turn bind will auto turn your perspective at a constant speed when pressed, This is very useful when doing 360s or even 180s:                           "bind [Key] +left and/or bind [Key] + right" , eq. bind q +left, bind e +right


Extra for Kitsune players, bind [Key] sm_end, to get to the boost room 


I don't know if this will help anyone but I hope it does because often times it makes doing basic surf much easier and more enjoyable.


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very useful, also one add on for some more experienced players that play on low sensitivity (me being one of those people)

take advantage of using turnbinds, they help on long spirals and other things that you might not have room for on your mousepad.


bind *key here* +left

bind *key here* +right


you can also use these combined with your walk key (default is left shift) to do a slower turn in needed parts.


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my favorite bind is: bind mwheelup "sm_slap @aim" and bind mwheeldown "sm_slap @aim"

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17 minutes ago, Spear said:

my favorite bind is: bind mwheelup "sm_slap @aim" and bind mwheeldown "sm_slap @aim"

more like bind mouse1 "sm_ban @aim 0 ez"

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another few are:

          "bind [key] sm_saveloc", saves your position 

          "bind [key] sm_tele", teleports to the saved position for practicing maps

           "!tele #[number]", allows you to go to a specific saveloc in case you mess  up or want to go back to an earlier one 

                ex. for all, "bind mouse4 sm_saveloc"

                                   "bind mouse5 sm_tele"

                                   "!tele #4"

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