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This is the thread where I will be posting what forum badges are available and how you can receive them.


Also in this thread you can suggest new badges. So.... let me know

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added all the current badges so you can see what they are

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what is a forum point

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general ideas (some ive already said 2 u sam but ill repost on here)


. honorable badge

. surf server rec badge

. vip badge 

. level up badge (getting first promo) 

. badge based on profile views

. badge for influencers 

. badge for winning a fn tournament

.  verified badge 

. badge rewarded to someone who creates a popular thread

. more day-streak badges

. "Trending" badge awarded to someone who received alot likes, replies, and engagement in an certain amount of time

.  gold medal badges that aren’t for anything specific and giving out for good behavior

. more badges for general interest like the chess badge ex: music, games, sports, ect. 

. artist badge

. badge exclusive for leadership

. "meme" badge 

. exclusive monthly badges that are rewarded for having most likes, or content on a certain month ex: "July 2021 Most Liked Content" 

   - any kind of exclusive monthly badges 

  . "+rep badge" a badge that members can give each other for good rep

- sam i want a dogecoin badge please im begging ineedthat 

- forum moderator badge


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