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Emote Contest ☆


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Info:  Yo, as you can read were doing a small emote contest for an opportunity to get your own custom emote added on the forums and on our discord!



. It must be custom in any way possible

. No NSFW or anything that violates TOS


How do i win?

- post your emote under this thread and the most liked one(s) will be entered to be judged 



- This is a small little contest, don't take it too seriously and have fun and be creative :) 

- It can literally be anything as long as you add something to it make it your own

- after a few weeks the most liked one(s) will be judged by me and @ Damien



The emote that wins will get their custom emote added on here and the discord and will win two months of $10 discord nitro! 


Have fun :) 

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