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Artist @sam | Writer: @Hiztree

The community has come a far way from since we began over a year ago! Its exciting to see how much progress we have made since we first started this community. We have brought hundreds of people together and have formed a community that is not only special but is also thriving. To this note I would like to firstly thank our amazing staff team and as a reward we will be handing out a few promotions. These promotions are a reward for their unwavering dedication and superb character that they have displayed. However, I would love to thank everyone for making the community what it is today, as we would have never been able to accomplish so much without your ongoing support! In this spirit we will be releasing a new timer for the bhop and surf servers, as well as more maps for each server (coming tomorrow)!

Changelog will be down below in the first comment, as well as some extra information.

Admin - > General Server Advisors
@Emily (Surf)
@Danny (Bhop)

Recruit -> Mod
@Mike b
@Patrick Neuotron

As a final note, thank you all for everything you have helped us achieve in this community. We never thought we would get this far when starting this community. We will be rolling out a few more servers as well as a redone website within a few days. If you would like more consistent updates, please join our discord!​
Artist @eXpo | Writer: @sam

Love is in the air, and the leadership at Fallen Networks wants to show their love and appreciation for all the community's members. The following people are being promoted for their hard work and dedication throughout the community. The people being promoted have proven themselves worthy by continually increasing the quality of our servers and our community altogether. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted.

Recruit --> Mod

@Blue Car The Speed
@eddie murphie

Mod --> Admin

@VAC Scout

Including this, a few really nice updates, and that much promised timer is coming very soon, more information will be released in the coming weeks. Thank you for all the support, and congratulations to everyone promoted!​