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02/07/2022 Promotions / Demotions


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Because of your hard work and dedication, we are happy to bring you guys higher into the community. CONGRATS!

Admin -> Senior Admin

@ Phil

@ Sailrrr

@ UncleJemima

Moderator -> Admin




@ 6MilRedditKarma

@ Nine

@ Thralash


Demotions / Resignations 

We are sad to see the resignations, thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

@ Galallea

@ creator

@ fry

@ jayfendi

@ Knip

@ Zexify lol

@ dit

@ Licht

@ Psycho.

@ b s t y l e

@ Spencer

@ bluey

@ Mr. Clense

@ Imsomalone

@ Wizward

@ Camden

@ Notthe_llama

@ wnm

@ Nic,


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Thank you all for the work you put in. These promotions are very deserved. Good job guys, and thank you to higgs too.

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  • Higgs changed the title to 02/07/2022 Promotions / Demotions

Congrats to those that got promoted. You guys deserve it.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Its sad to say goodbye but it wont be for long. ive been moving and gaming is the least of my worries. I shall return soon. Love you guys


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