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Points for everyone! ūüėģ

You can view the ranks and someone's obtained badges by going to their profile and clicking "Recent Badges" under the Achievements section. You can also see how many points you need for the next rank by clicking on your name in the top right:

Due to the forums coming back out, I have increased the amount of points earned and increased the amount of things you can do to earn points. Also some more badges you can earn that also earn you a lot of extra points.

Abuse of the system will result in you losing points.


What do the points mean? What can I do with them?


How can I get points?


React to a post    +2 points (Temporary 2x)

Receive a reaction     +4 points (Temporary 2x)

Reply to a topic     +5 points

Create a poll     +10 points

Create a new topic    +25 points

Daily log in bonus    +100 points (Temporary 2x)

Vote on 100 polls    +1000 points +Voter badge

Reply to this thread with a picture of your cat. It must be YOUR cat.    +100 points +Cat badge




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