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Fallen-Networks Revival


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Welcome to Fallen-Networks! We plan to do a full relaunch of our old CS:GO servers + more sometime in 2019. This includes not only our old servers consisting of Bunny Hop, Easy Surf, and Surf Utopia, but also 1v1 Arena, Jailbreak, AWP, and other surf servers.


The servers have also received a complete overhaul, adding new features I should've focused on back when the servers originally were up, and making quality of life changes in order to better ensure the experience of the user. We will also be launching a donation subscription package alongside of this in order to help fund server costs.


Member Applications have also been released, if you'd like to apply for our community, please do so here!


If you would like more up to date news, please join our discord here!




Minecraft is also still in the works, but has received a rebrand with a complete overhaul, you can find that located here.

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