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[ACCEPTED] shapes Developer Application


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1. First Name: Jack

2. Steam Username: shapes

3. What Languages do you know?: Node JS, and some HTML, I am currently interested in learning Java and C#.

4. Any public works you can show us?: ModerationManager, in indev moderation plugin for SCP:SL, and Wave launcher, a easy to use minecraft launcher for modded servers

5. Which parts of the community do you want to develop for?: For the game servers, to make them better, faster, and more feature rich.

6. Anything else you want to add?: I have experience in Minecraft Server Development.

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Regarding this, the current use for your talents would be working on a minecraft launcher for us, as everything else I pretty much manage. Other then that we could use your work for an SCP SL server when we get around to it.


If you are willing to work on those, we'd be most interested in this while you learn Java and C#, just DM me on discord regarding this and I will discuss it with you.

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