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[DENIED] ParzivalDMJ's Discord Moderator Application


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1. First Name: Dade
2. Discord:ParzivalDMJ#4419
3. Why should you get this position?:I love the community as a whole and all I want to do is help it I love being on the FN discord server and interacting 
with new and old players alike I would love to get this position so I could help more around and contribute to the community more.
4. Do you agree to consistently maintain our following of Discord's TOS?:Yes I've never been muted on the FN discord
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Although in the past parz and I have not had the best relationship, we have worked it out and found each other pretty good guys. If this was posted 2 weeks ago or more I would have minus reped him. I think he deserves a shot at discord mod. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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honestly based on my personal experiences with you from the discord solely, i've come to the conclusion that you're not fit for discord mod in the slightest. you lack the initiative to handle situations on your own and you get extremely heated in both text chats and voice chats. overall i think that you should evaluate yourself, see what you should improve on and do it before applying again if this gets denied.

for now it's a minus rep from me.

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