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Community Update 5.9

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I don't really feel like writing some huge announcement so I'm just gonna TLDR the changes:

The Yuno Gasai discord bot has been updated to 1.0-beta and is almost ready for public release. The biggest changes being a profile system, role reactions, overhauled punishments, marry and divorce command fixes, 50+ new commands, and 10 new trivia topics. Full changelog in our discord.

Easy & Beginner surf were also reset, and received many updates, primarily being 400 air accel, new maps, better zones, numerous bug fixes, and more support indefinitely. 

1v1 Arena has also been released, packed with tons of maps & a CS:GO inspired ELO system.

Finally, as a lot of people were probably wondering, this update is **not** Community Update 6.0. That update is scheduled as our next one, and consists of FiveM, Minecraft, and VIP perks + release. This is aimed for a Summer release, and should be ready within a few weeks to a month (hopefully).

Along with above, we will be investing into a couple other projects including a better fastdl/CDN system, a new box to host medium surf, hard surf, TTT, Jailbreak, and possibly Deathmatch/Retakes (which will end our CS:GO expansions), and more engaging community features, the first of which being our new event board.

To shout it out, the first event @nick will be hosting for us is a Brawlhalla 1v1 Tournament. You can read all about it here https://fallen-networks.com/topic/1957-fn-brawlhalla-1v1-tournament/

In preparation for FiveM & Minecraft, you can join the discords for them below in order to prepare for a public release.

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